Every year, AIAS NE hosts the Hinsdale Halloween Party, a costume party in the Link of Architecture Hall. The event features a costume contest, music, and celebrates the LARGEST urinal this isde of the Mississippi. the party is free and open to the public. the party dedicated to the Hinsdale urinal has been a tradition of the College of Architecture for years, though no one truly knows why. No one really knows why or when this tradition started, but any excuse to throw a party.
come help us belebrate the anniversary of Winfield E. Hinsdale patenting the Hinsdale Urnial and bring some rolls of toilet paper, becasue at midnight we TP the inside of the Link at Architecture Hall!

Beaux Arts Ball
Beaux arts Formal is our own version of the infamous Beaux Arts Ball, the annual costume ball traditionally given by the students of the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. the only Beaux Arts dance held in Nebraska, our Formal is the perfect way to unwind and let loose before FINALS! "It is also, in its way, a hymn to beauty, a living explosion of the senses and the emotions," by E. Berry Wall. (written about the first Beaux Arts Ball)
Come help us Celebrate this Spring!

Career Fair Resume/Portfolio Review
This event is an excellent opportunity to bringing together students and professionals. Our event is in preparation for the College of Architecture's annual Career Fair, held every Spring. AIAS brings in professionals to give feedback on students portfolios, resumes, and conduct mock interviews. It is a great way for students to get informative reviews and gather ideas from other students work.