The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is the official student body organization in the Department of Architecture at UNL. As the liaison between the students and practicing professionals, the organization provides close contact with the American Institute of Architects and its members as well as student organizations from other universities. In addition, the AIAS represents the student body on various faculty committees, makes recommendations to the department, hosts visiting speakers, and organizes various social activities. All students in the department are encouraged to participate in this organization actively.

Architectural practice is constantly evolving; a large part of that evolution happens in schools. A pedagogy that promotes experimentation and exploration above all. We help our members understand their role in the profession as leaders. Not the future of the profession but now. Programs like Freedom by DesignCRIT, N' Studio, and National Conference mentorship empower students to own that role. While many of our events and conferences may be virtual this year, we are still dedicated to providing students the opportunity to learn about the issues facing our world, meet students and professionals with common interests, and interact with some of today’s leading architects and designers.

We are excited about the new academic year's start, and we can't wait to help foster an appreciation of architecture, design, and related disciplines in the new world we are living in. To receive updates from our chapter and information on how to join click the button below!